Daily Recipe Find – Zucchini Onion Pie

My zucchini is in full production, a little issue with squash bugs, although I am hopeful they are under control now.  Well, hopeful they are all dead now.

This is a tasty looking recipe and really easy,  mix and bake.  This would also be good in mid winter, a nice reminder of summer harvests.  I generally shred and freeze my extra zucchini during the summer.  When I want to use it in the winter, thaw it out and put in a salad spinner to get out the extra moisture.

Zucchini Onion Pie Recipe

3862 red acre farm to fork 2016

Farm to Fork at Red Acre Farm CSA – preview



Red Acre Farm CSA isn’t just a farm
It is a family and a community
We are all a part of it, and it is wonderful.

This year marked the Seventh Annual Farm to Fork Dinner.
I was lucky enough to be invited to take pictures for the evening.
Walking around the farm was a unique experience.
Our family is there fairly often,
although tonight was special with so many to share the farm and food with.
I took a lot of pictures, yet at times I had to just pause, look and just listen.
There is no way to capture certain moments, they just happen.
Old friends meeting up again, strangers becoming new friends, laughing, talking and enjoying a wonderful evening of, well…




DAILY RECIPE FIND – 08-09-16 -Pasta

Today’s daily recipe find is from Nigella Lawson.

I really think I could eat pasta every day because I love it so much.  I am always looking for new recipes or some fun shaped pasta to hold some tasty sauce.   This recipe is really easy and filled with mushrooms and fresh herbs.  The sauce doesn’t even need to be cooked, even easier.  A nice dish for a summer afternoon.

Nigella Lawson’s Linguine with Lemon, Garlic, Thyme and Mushrooms.

DAILY RECIPE FIND – 08/08/16 – Fish

Today’s daily recipe find is from Suzy from The Mediterranean Dish.  

I see many recipes for cooking fish in foil.  Oddly I have never tried it.  This recipe looks and sounds really good, and with garden vegetables kicking into high gear it is a good time for me to try this technique.  Although, I will probably make it with trout.  Time to go fishing…

Oven Baked Salmon in Foil 


9332 yummy roll

Sushi Sunday – August

It is Sushi Sunday time again!

We were back in Cedar City this month at our local restaurant, Ninja for some new sushi fun.  I have my favorite rolls and I tend to want to order them each time because they are so good.  This time I had   made up my mind to try a new roll and another roll I haven’t had in a while.

APPETIZER – EGG ROLLS, these are always a good go to starter.  Thin crispy outside, full of tasty treats inside with a sweet dipping sauce.

9335 egg rolls

SHRIMP TEMPURA –  If you like shrimp the shrimp tempura is flavorful with a light dipping sauce, served with tempura vegetables, rice, soup and salad.  My husband doesn’t like onions or mushrooms so I gladly ate them.

9356 shrimp tempura

BEEF TERIYAKI – My son is enjoying the Beef Teriyaki.  It is really tender, served with sesame seeds and teriyaki sauce.  Sides of rice, salad and soup.

9352 beef teriyaki


MAGURO SASHIMI (Tuna) – My mom really likes this one.  Light and tasty.  I admit I tried a tiny piece it was pretty good.

9307 maguro sashimi

YUMMY ROLL – My mom was wanting to try something new, this one sounded good and she agreed to give it a try.  Not disappointed at all.  Very tasty, good mixture of flavors.  Creamy yellowtail and avocado inside, topped with seared salmon and flying fish eggs.  This also has a spicy sauce on top.  Not to much spice, just enough to give a little kick.

9332 yummy roll

SUMMER NIGHT – This was my new adventure this month.  I have come to enjoy spicy tuna.  This roll is on their sushi hour special.  I really enjoyed the flavors and the kick from the spicy tuna.   Shrimp tempura, cream cheese, cucumber inside, topped with spicy tuna and eel sauce.

9317 summer night

CRISPY UNAGI – Eel is one of my favorites for sushi.  It is usually smoked and it has a mild flavor.  I have had this roll in the past, although it has been a while.  So, it was time to have it again.  Unagi and avocado inside crispy seaweed outside, topped with massage and unagi sauce.

9322 crispy unagi

Don’t be afraid to try something new.   Food adventures can be fun and you never know when you may come across something unexpected and a new favorite.

Join me next month for another sushi adventure.
Let me know what you favorites are.
I may try something new again.







9069 eggs and grits

Good Morning Thursday – Eggs and Grits

Good Morning Thursday to you!

9069 eggs and grits

Good morning smiles induced by cheesy eggs and buttery grits.

8488 cherries and pancakes

Good Morning Thursday – Cherries

Good Morning Thursday to you!

8488 cherries and pancakes

Good morning smiles induced by cherry season!

Pancakes drizzled with honey butter and fresh cherry compote.

8031 hawaiian poke bowl

Sushi Sunday – July 2016

It is that time again for Sushi Sunday!
This month it was Sushi Sunday with a twist, a Hawaiian twist.
And what a wonderful twist it was going to Hawaiian Poke Bowl.

 Hawaiian Poke Bowl
175 West 900 South Ste. 1
St. George, Utah

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CCFR Summer Potluck 2016

Cedar City Food Review (CCFR)
Summer Potluck – June 2016

Potluck dinners are always fun.
They remind me of family reunions
where everyone brings their favorite family recipes to share,
catch up on the past year, laugh and enjoy the day.

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7632 eggs benedict

Good Morning Thursday – Eggs Benedict Plus

Good Morning Thursday to You!

Good morning smiles induced by Eggs Benedict Plus.

7632 eggs benedict

I enjoy the traditional eggs benedict.
Although, when my spinach is growing like crazy and
I have my fresh made cheese with chives and garlic.
I can’t help but add it all in.
A tasty start to the day.

7586 super omelet

Good Morning Thursday – Overstuffed breakfast

Good Morning Thursday to you.

Good morning smiles induced by an overstuffed omelet.

7586 super omelet

Sometimes I get a little crazy adding this and that into the omelet.  Then when it comes time to wrap it up, and it doesn’t even come close to folding over.  Ham, mushrooms and onions, tater tots and cheese.  Along with spinach and kale from the garden. . And my second wonderful tomato from my container tomato plant on the side.

6943 Lemon Italian Chicken

Weekly Food Fun – June 15th

Happy Weekly Food Fun to you!

If you are on Facebook like my page so you don’t miss out on my daily recipe finds.

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6844 salad

Weekly Food Fun & Recipe Finds – June 8th

Happy Weekly Food Fun to you! My food fun post has now moved to Wednesdays.
I hope you found some fun recipes to make this past week.
I have found myself completely absorbed in Mediterranean recipes.
It has given me a new burst of motivation for trying new things.
There is a lot of citrus, garlic, and new spice combinations I would normally never think of.

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6784 garden fresh breakfast

Good Morning Thursday – Garden Fresh

Good Morning Smiles induced by a garden fresh breakfast!

6784 garden fresh breakfast

My first tomato of the season,
fresh picked spinach,
and crumbled farm cheese I made over the weekend.

6462 ninja king cobra

Sushi Sunday – June

It is that time again for Sushi Sunday.
Although, as I was getting everything ready I realized I am a week early.
Our food was so good, I am not going to wait a week to share with you.  Enjoy!

We ate at our local restaurant – Ninja.  The food and service was great as usual.
I was excited for some new friends to join us and try new things, and happy they had a good time and enjoyed the new food and experience.

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