Happy Asparagus Time

I really like asparagus and it is all over our local stores now and I am all smiles. Sunday Brunch was Eggs Benedict with Steamed Asparagus. Enjoy it while it is here.

Photo Friday – February 26th – Garden clean up

Happy Photo Friday to you! It was a mixture of pictures this week.  And with some wonderful weather I finally got my garden taken down from last year.  Although it worked out that I didn’t get it taken… Read More

Good Morning Thursday – February 25th – Sweet Treat

Good morning smiles induced by sweetness! A warm cinnamon roll covered in frosting with a glass of milk.

Smiles and Trials of the Day – February 24th – Puppy Milestone

Smiles and Trials of the Day. It has been a while since I have done this, although today we reached a milestone, simple as it is I had to write about it. Trials:  We have a new puppy,… Read More

Weekly Food Fun – February 22nd

Happy Weekly Food Fun to You! This was a week of bad weather, good weather and a trial with our Lexie dog.

Photo Friday – February 19th

Happy Photo Friday to you! We have had some really nice weather this week and it is driving me crazy for spring planting.

Good Morning Thursday – February 18th

Good Morning Thursday to You! Good Morning Smiles induced by simplicity. Bacon and Scrambled eggs with ham and cheese.

Weekly Food Fun – February 15th

Happy Weekly Food Fun to You! It has been a fun, exhausting, crazy week at our house. This picture seems to fit my state of mind – a little bit crazy.

Photo Friday – February 12

Happy Photo Friday to You! I am not a morning person, I need my hot coffee before I can function.

Good Morning Thursday – February 11th

Good Morning Thursday to you. Good morning smiles induced by the basics.  Fried Eggs and Bacon.

Weekly Food Fun – February 8th

Happy Weekly Food Fun to you! We had  repeat, my son’s new favorite dinner – Yogurt Chicken, we have shortened the name.


Cedar City Food Review, Group Gathering February 2016 Brody’s Mexican Restaurant 1166 Sage Dr Ste C Cedar City, UT 84720 435-531-8773 Thanks to our fearless leader Vicki, first off on starting this local group.  Secondly for picking this… Read More

Sushi Sunday – February 2016

Happy Sushi Sunday to you! And Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

Frosty Morning

 I am not a morning person. Although this morning Archie cat woke me up.  So I got up to open the blinds for him.  Yes he is spoiled. He has two windows and a sliding glass door to… Read More

Photo Friday – Flower Fun

My pre Valentine’s Day flower overload post is here. A big thank you again to Zion Sun Floral, Cedar City UT. for letting me have some photo fun.

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