Birthday Dinner 2016 – Lighthouse Seafood & Grill

It is that time of year again for my birthday dinner and  my mom said to pick where I wanted to go out to eat.  That is a hard decision for me, there are so many places in our town that I love and enjoy.

Two years ago for my birthday marked the start of my Sushi adventure, which in turn led to the creation of my Sushi Sunday Blog the following year. So although that I love Sushi now, I wanted something different.

At first I picked Chef Alfredo’s Ristorante Italiano, it has a quiet cozy atmosphere, great food and… well… pasta.  Then my mom mentioned Lighthouse, the final decision was made.  We have been wanting to try it since they opened in April.  And, they have the same owners as Chef Alfredo’s so a birthday dinner was a great time to enjoy their new restaurant adventure.

I have been looking over the menu since the decision was made, I know, it may sound a little crazy.  I admit I tend to get overly excited about food.  So how about we just call it research.  I have a highlighter and everything, no, wait, that might make me really sound crazy.


Lighthouse Seafood & Grill
2107 North Main St.
Cedar City, Utah 84721


The food and service were amazing,
so I will not delay any longer, here are all the delights we enjoyed.

To start the meal they bring out fresh warm bread.  It is a dense bread, and the crust seems like it would be very crunchy yet it isn’t.  Some sort of bread baking secret I have not conquered.  Cover it with soft creamy butter and look through the menu.


For an order of coffee brewed fresh and it is served in your own little pot.



Wasabi Ahi Tuna Seared Ahi tuna with sugar, salt, black pepper, and coriander, drizzled with a sweet glaze.  Served over baby spinach with wasabi sauce.  My mom is a huge seared Ahi tuna fan, so of course this was her appetizer choice.  She absolutely loved it.  I am not a big fan, so I don’t have any comparisons to make, although I was impressed.  I didn’t know there would be so much flavor, it was very good.  The fish was fresh and flavorful, and all of the seasonings were a wonderful compliment to each other.


Oysters RockefellerOysters baked in the shell with spinach and hollandaise sauce, topped with panko crumbs.  This was my choice to start the evening.  The oysters had good flavor, not overwhelming at all, paired with the spinach and sauce, then crunchy top.. so very good.  I probably could have just ordered two or three plates of these and had them be my dinner they were that good.  Although there was so much more to try.



They have several salads to choose from, and a nice option is you can also add chicken, steak, shrimp or salmon for an additional charge if you want to.

Caesar Salad Romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese, and croutons served with caesar dressing. 


BBQ Chop SaladRomaine lettuce, cabbage, corn, onions, bacon bits, shredded cheese, and green onions.  Served with ranch dressing and barbecue sauce.



Fish and ChipsBeer battered cod with tartar sauce and cole slaw. Served with choice of kettle chips or fries.  These are very hearty pieces of cod.  Light batter, tender fish, very good.  My Mom and Larry now have a local restaurant to go get their fish and chips from.


Blackened Mahi-MahiServed with baked crusted ranch potatoes   My mom and husband ordered this.  Both reviews were that it was awesome.  Just the right amount to spice, and the fish was a nice thick piece.  The potatoes were very flavorful, a nice complement to the spice on the fish.


Swordfish SicilianaServed with onions, capers, kalamata olives, fresh tomatoes, basil, and white wine with a touch of tomato sauce.  This was my choice, and I am so glad it was.  Bursting with flavor, yet not one part was overwhelming blocking out any of the other flavors.  Not even the kalamata olives, which can be overpowering.  The vegetables were not your ordinary mixed vegetables.  They had broccoli, brussels sprouts, asparagus and squash.  I might be missing some, I hope not I loved the variety.



St. Louis Spare RibsServed with cole slaw and your choice of spicy or regular barbecue sauce. This was the choice for our son. He said they were the best ribs he remembers ever eating.  He ordered a full rack, yes, he is a growing boy.   He got full at dinner and was only able to eat a few of the ribs.  The staff was so wonderful to notice that and make sure they were ok and nothing was wrong with them.  He has been snacking on them all evening, even cold out of the refrigerator they are really good.  (Yes, I had to snag one for myself.) The meat falls off the bone with a good smoke flavor, and just the right amount of sauce


Dessert – 

A birthday dinner wouldn’t be complete without a tasty desert.

Bananas Foster Bananas with a sweet rum, butter and cinnamon sauce served with ice-cream.  And topped with the most beautiful strawberry carved into a flower. A wonderful light sweet treat after a wonderful meal.


If you are local to Cedar City, Utah, nearby or just passing through this is a wonderful place to dine.  There are so many fine details that have been put into the restaurant from the decor, to great attentive staff.  And very unique and flavorful menu options.  Even noticing a simple post on a local Facebook page about it being my birthday and asking how many and making sure we had  booth ready for us.  And the Chef coming out at the end of dinner with an introduction and making sure we enjoyed everything.  And a helpful tip on heating up the ribs.

Thank you for a wonderful Birthday dinner!

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