Weekly Food Fun – February 1st

Happy Weekly Food Fun to you! This week started out slow, a sickly week for my son and I.  Feeling better and happy to say it finished very fun.

Snow Day Breakfast!

Snow day here in Southern Utah, so I had to make a cozy breakfast. A stove full of cast iron is a beautiful thing! We really didn’t just have breakfast, we had it earlier, well at least close… Read More

Weekly Food Fun

Happy Weekly Food Fun to You! With Christmas last week we did have some special food fun treats.

Smiles of the day – Elk

There are no trials of the day with Elk Steaks and Cast Iron.

Weekly Food Fun – Thanksgiving Leftovers

Happy Weekly Food Fun to you! With Thanksgiving last week, this week was filled with leftovers.  I love Thanksgiving leftovers.  Firstly, Turkey. Secondly, the main part of the meal is already cooked, add some sides, or mix it… Read More

Weekly Food Fun – Pork Loin

Happy early food fun to you! With Thanksgiving next week, my weekly food fun post on Tuesday is going to be my favorite  Thanksgiving recipes, and tips I have learned along my journey with Thanksgiving Food Fun. Although,… Read More

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