Jenn & Mark July 15, 2017

Congratulations to our friends Jenn & Mark! A beautiful day to join two friends, two souls into one love. We are so happy for you both! Congratulations!!  

Supermoon 2016

I love taking pictures, and I love a challenge to capture an event that may only happen once in my lifetime.  I have spent many times waiting and waiting, total focus and preparation, and have succeeded in capturing… Read More

Photo Friday – Spring Blooms

Happy Photo Friday to you. Today was filled with a class field trip to a favorite place of mine.  Ladybug Nursery.  

Photo Friday – March 11 – Sunrise to Sunset

Happy Photo Friday to you! I hope everyone got to enjoy the beauty around you this past week.

Frosty Morning

 I am not a morning person. Although this morning Archie cat woke me up.  So I got up to open the blinds for him.  Yes he is spoiled. He has two windows and a sliding glass door to… Read More

A Furry Friend Comes to Visit

  We have had about two feet of snow in the last couple days.  Getting up this morning I look into the back yard and see little trails through the yard and garden, I knew big Lexie dog… Read More

Hummingbirds – from August 2015

I love my little Hummingbirds.

Photo Friday – January 15

Happy Photo Friday to you!

Photo Friday – January 8th

Happy Photo Friday to you! I had some fun with a new lens filter for close up pictures.  It is going to be so much fun this summer with all of my flower pictures.   It was a cloudy… Read More

Smiles and Trials of the Day – Pep talk for the upcoming spa week for my camera

Smiles and Trials of the day…a little late. Smiles; Happy New Year! This also is my camera cleaning day.

Photo Friday – Happy New Year

Happy New Year and Photo Friday to you.

Photo Friday – Merry Christmas

Happy Photo Friday to you, along with Merry Christmas.

Photo Friday – Frosty Morning

We have had a cold snow filled week. It makes for a beautiful view, and of course snow fun for the kids.

Photo Friday

I am pretty much picture taking crazy, my cats even know the beep of the camera focusing and come out to see what I am looking at.

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