CCFR – April 2016 / The Pizza Cart

Cedar City Food Review Group Gathering
April 2016
The Pizza Cart, Wood Fired Pizza
1190 Sage Drive Unit B Cedar City, UT.

A big thank you to Vicki, our fearless CCFR leader.
And of course to The Pizza Cart crew for your great food and service for our monthly gathering.

To start you off, the beautiful dough and you all know (or you should) fire and food is a favorite combination of mine. The oven is truly a work of art in my mind.  It also truly makes a difference in the pizza.

5049 pizza cart oven5053 pizza dough

Breadsticks – Olive oil base, a light mozzarella, fresh garlic and kosher salt.

5019 bread sticks

Salads – They also have a house salad  of lettuce mix, cucumber, tomato, red onion and croutons topped with their house made balsamic vinaigrette or house made ranch dressing.

Oriental Chicken – Lettuce mix, shredded cabbage, shredded carrot, chicken, sliced almonds, rice noodles, green onion topped with their house made sesame dressing.

5027 Oriental Chicken Salad

Greek Salad – Lettuce mix, black olives, feta cheese, red onion, cucumber, topped wth Greek dressing.  This is a nice creamy combinations of flavors.

5041 Greek Salad

Raspberry Pecan Salad – Lettuce mix, fresh raspberries, feta cheese, green onion and topped with their house made berry vinaigrette.  A bright yummy crunchy combination.

5037 rasberry pecan salad

Now for the Pizza


5071 pepperoni

The Greek – Red Sauce, oregano, baked with feta cheese, then topped with fresh feta, fresh cucumber black olives, olive oil and cracked black pepper.

5017 pizza cart the greek

New York Garlic – what you don’t see, well, it is amazing garlic all over and through this pizza.  I am a garlic nut, so yes this is what I ordered.  Not disappointed, complete garlic joy.

5066 new york garlic

Meat Lovers Combo – Red sauce, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, smoked bacon sausage and green peppers.  This does have a little spice to it.  I know, you normally don’t think of peppers on a meat lovers pizza, it does add an extra layer of flavor.

5032 Meat Lovers Combo

Italian Cowboy – Red sauce, mozzarella cheese, smoked bacon, sliced red onions, topped with Sweet Baby Ray’s barbeque sauce and cracked pepper.

5020 Italian Cowboy

Hawaiian – Red sauce, mozzarella cheese, Canadian bacon, smoked bacon, pineapple drizzled with sweet barbeque sauce.

5022 hawaiian

The Gyro – Red sauce, light mozzarella, gyro meat, red onion, baked, then topped with fresh tomato, feta and tzatziki sauce.

5077 the gyro

You can also make your own, this one is sausage, and I am afraid I am missing another ingredient.

Edited – this is actually the Sausage Mushroom – Red sauce, mozzarella cheese, sausage and mushrooms.

5025 sausage

Desert, oh Desert.  Yes I was late, so my penalty so to speak was sharing this amazing desert.  Although not a penalty, the best part of great food is to share it with others that also enjoy it.

Raspberry Nutella Pizza

5082 raspberry nutella pizza 5089 raspberry nutella pizza

Thank you again to the Pizza Cart
and to the Cedar City Food Review members that could make it today.
And thank you for letting me sneak around you to get pictures.

Always enjoy the fun of food.

4 Comments on “CCFR – April 2016 / The Pizza Cart

  1. HOW do you get such beautiful pics?!?!?!? And you were late even!!! You amaze me! Oh, the sausage pizza also had mushrooms. Is that what you forgot? lol Beautifully done, as always!!! This was just SO much fun!!!! I always laugh when I read ‘fearless leader’! haha

    • Fearless leader seemed to fit from our first gathering. So now you are stuck with it. 🙂

  2. The sausage pizza also had mushroom. It is on their menu. I also ordered the veggie lover pizza. It was absolutely wonderful. Thank you for your beautiful pictures!

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