Cedar City Food Review, Group Gathering
February 2016
Brody’s Mexican Restaurant
1166 Sage Dr Ste C Cedar City, UT 84720

Thanks to our fearless leader Vicki, first off on starting this local group.  Secondly for picking this restaurant due to her desperate need for their street taco’s.

Thanks to everyone that could make it today!  It was fun to finally get to meet some of the people I have only dealt with online.  And a another thank you for letting me delay you diving into the great food so I could get some pictures to share.

And the biggest thank you to Brody’s!  The service was great, even with such a big group, drinks were kept full, food served hot and of course tasty.

Now for the good stuff, the pictures.

2053 chips and salsa

They do have a salsa bar full of good options.  My son likes some spice so we did try a few.  He liked the red sauce and even dipped his fries in it.  I am not one for a lot of spice, and happy they had this mango salsa. One of my favorites, loaded with all sorts of goodness.

2076 mango salsa

Street Taco’s – A must for or leader, and a choice for several others.  My mom is now hooked.  They offer many many varieties.  They all looked amazing, and on my list for next visit.

2058 street taco 1

2094 street taco 4

2082 vicki chicken street taco

2063 street taco 3

2060 street taco 2


Although I didn’t write down what kind of chimichanga it looks like steak to me, and it was loaded with meat.

2080 steak chimichanga

2102 chimichanga


Steak quesadilla, this seemed to be the favorite of our littlest group members.

2068 steak quesadilla


Very good, smothered in green sauce.

2093 chicken burrito with green sauce

2096 chicken burrito close up

2066 smothered pork burrito

Combo meals – Pick Two, always a good choice to pick a combination of your favorites.

Enchilada in this one –

2073 tamale enchiladas combo

Chile Relleno in this one –

2069 chile relleno cheese enchiladas

Chile Verde

This is generally served on the plate.  They did make an exception to put it in a bowl, the reviews were it was really good, hence the reason for the bowl with a little extra.

2086 chele verde extra

Do you like it spicy?  Here you go..
Galla a la Diabla  – Chicken breast smothered in their unique chipotle hot sauce.

2106 Galla A La Diabla

And, to finish it off if someone in your dining party isn’t in the mood for Mexican food, they have that covered too.

Bacon Cheeseburger with fries

2088 bacon cheeseburger

Stop by Brody’s and enjoy the food fun!










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