Daily Recipe Find – Murgh Makhani Recipe (Indian Butter Chicken)

The recipe says it is easy, and I admit it is.  Although, I was so excited to make it I didn’t realize the second marinade should be for 3-4 hours or overnight. By the time I found the recipe I only had about an hour for the second marinade.  It was still very flavorful, yet next time I will plan ahead and marinate overnight.  And, of course as usual I was missing some ingredients… this time only fenugreek leaves and the cashews.  This dish was still very flavorful and satisfying.  I actually used one whole green chile (I used aneheim) for the recipe, and thought it was a good amount of spice.

Recipe Here:  Indian Butter Chicken Recipe / Murgh Makhani Recipe

To go with the dish I made, well attempted to make Paratha, an Indian flat bread.  Sadly some of it didn’t turn out as good as I had hoped, my technique still needs some working on.  The bread didn’t bubble up like the recipe described, I was using a cast iron pan, so that may have needed some recipe adjusting or cook hotter or cooler.

Recipe Here:  Paratha

All in all this was a really good meal.  Our whole family enjoyed the new adventure and wasn’t to much spice for any of us.  I will definitely make this again.

Enjoy the fun of food adventures!

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