Easter Dinner Preparation 2016

My mom always buys the family a leg of lamb and I prep it and cook it for Easter.  I generally do our basic seasoning and oven baked, which is always good, it is what I grew up with.  Although, this year I have seen several recipes for grilling leg of lamb.  I couldn’t help myself.  I must try it.

I was going to grill with our basic seasonings until I came across this recipe, reading the seasonings my mouth started to water, there is no turning back now.  Loaded with so many layers of flavor.  And you should be amazed, I actually had all the ingredients!  No substitutions this time.  Happy Me!

Tandoori Leg Of Lamb – recipe here.

Seriously, this many spices, loving it.

3943 lamb marinade

Ok, so yes slit is different than slice, I did a slice in error.  I will just say I was going for more flavor.  Leg of lamb in the happy marinade, will be cozy in the fridge for the night, then grilled tomorrow early afternoon.

3944 lamb in marinade

My must have for lamb?   Mint jelly.  I admit I have always wanted to make my own, although sadly I have never had enough mint left over from the summer for Easter Dinner.  Although,  finally last year I planted enough, and my plants have come up for Spring.  So had my dried from last summer with a few sprigs of new ones.  Happy I finally get to give it a try.

Apple Mint Jelly in the works.  Recipe here.  I hope it turns out.  I took a quick taste before the sugar…and seems good.

3949 apple mint jellyAfter straining and adding sugar and reducing this is what is left.  A beautiful golden syrup so to speak.  No, I am not going to put food coloring in it.  Gold is the color it came out that is how it will be.  Now to sit in the refrigerator overnight and hopefully will gel up.  If not, it is the texture of maple syrup now, minty sweetness . Still good to pour over the lamb.

3953 mint apple jelly


Happy Easter to you all.



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  1. Looks yummy! I used to cook lamb all of the time but it has been a good long while since I have cooked any. I know yours will be delicious. Enjoy your meal and your day!

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