Sigh….Garbage Disposal Silence (Part 1)

So I am back…  been in Sickland.  So not Disneyland or beyond, nothing fun, but sickness.    Finally feeling better from the cough and congestion, only to throw my back out.  And not from doing something great.  But from coughing.  I don’t even know how that is possible, but it is.  And I know some of you out there can relate.  Sometimes going through the simplest of daily tasks, one day your back says “NOT TODAY” and you are struck down.

So today I am on the mend, have my few minutes before my husband falls asleep and my son is winding down for bed to put the last dishes of the night away in the dishwasher to wash.  As like everyday I rinse all out and turn on the disposal…  it sounds quiet but still seems to be doing its job.  Then, the silence hits.  And not the silence we all long for at the end of the day when all is calm.  The silence of “CRAP IT IS BROKEN”  quietly screaming in my head, since I can’t scream out loud.  There is not even a tiny winding sound of trying to grind, just nothing.  So I pretend nothing is wrong, get my glass of water, sneak up on the sink, still full of water and noodles calmly flip the switch again. Because somewhere in the back of my mind that will magically fix the problem.  Eagerly, hopefully awaiting the wondrous sound of the hungry grinding disposal.

Not even a click….no sound….no nothing.  Exactly nothing!  Crap!

Garbage Disposal Silence (Part 2)

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