Garbage Disposal Silence (Part 2)

There is nothing good about Garbage Disposal Silence.

Morning has arrived, still not enough coffee to be content, but I know I can not delay any longer.  If the garbage disposal isn’t fixed, there will be much more work to be done through the day.  Teamwork truly is fantastic.  My Husband knew about a tiny fuse on the bottom of the disposal and was able to get the electricity working again before heading off to work.  I in turn, knew about the fun little magical tool left under the sink when the disposal was installed.    It is sort of like a hex tool, fits to the bottom of the disposal, so “if” or in my case “when” you get something stuck in the disposal you can hopefully dislodge it.  You use the tool to manually turn the disposal to move whatever is stuck in it.

I get the tool, spin one way, hear a click.  Hmmm; was this a good click all is well, or a bad click things are not so not well.  So I twist again, it seems to move freely so I decide to give it a try.  Turn on the water, step back from the sink before I flip the switch.  I know this sounds odd, but I believe a key safety point in my odd little clogged garbage disposal world.  I always envision something still being stuck in the disposal, when I flip the switch it will all defy gravity and go flying all over the kitchen.  Not a likely scenario, but I must follow this process every time.  Water on, step aside, flip switch.

I am happy to announce Victory is ours!   Happy home with a working garbage disposal again!


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