It doesn’t get better, it just gets different.

We always tell ourselves and those going through troubles it will get better. It is truly a heartfelt saying.  We mean it, we feel it, and we beyond any measure desire and need it.

Honestly, I believe it doesn’t get better, it just gets different. 
True trials tear out our heart and soul.  

It really doesn’t get better, just different.  There is a void, a hole that can not be filled or replaced.  We grow, we live, we learn, but no matter how many minutes tick tock by, we continue to feel different in our heart and soul.  Although there is a hole in one part of us, another part of us is filled with Joy.  Joy from what that person gave to us.  We can not, and should not dismiss that Joy.  We wouldn’t be feeling a void if that person hadn’t made a true difference in our lives. 

Why do we feel sad? 

Because that certain person we had a connection with is not in our lives any more.   So, no matter the reason that the person is not next to us.. embrace the times that they were.  They are gone, but they did make us smile while they were near. 

Embrace the Joy, Embrace the Smiles, Live through the Trials.

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  1. February 2, 2015 – A Sonnet In Reply

    Each day is so much like the one before
    with emptiness and joy rolled into one
    Yet all the pieces I cannot ignore
    because they may not shine beneath the sun
    They are the memories meaningful and true
    regardless of the pain or joy they bring
    So I shall never bid them all “adieu”
    in lieu of something “better” just to cling
    to something of a life that cannot breathe
    completely through the joy that sadness brings
    As side-by-side these memories unsheathe
    a “different” life that gives me joy and sings
    So it cannot be said that joy and pain
    are separate entities somehow that reign
    — by Solarozzi

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