My Indian Food Adventure – Paneer Pasanda

When I first ventured into my Indian food adventure,  a recipe that jumped right at me was Paneer Pansanda…  Why?  Well, cheese stuffed with cheese, herbs and spices, I felt right at home, not out of my comfort zone since I love cheese.

Although, in a small town paneer cheese wasn’t to be found anywhere.  Luckily I came across another cheese, Halloumi which says it is the cheese you can fry which is what you get from Paneer. These types of cheeses have a higher melting point than other common cheeses, so they will grill, or crisp up on the outside without just melting down.

As I started pulling all of the spices and ingredients together I felt a little intimidated, although once I started cooking with them layer by layer it was exciting.

I did use a lower amount of green chilies (I used anaheim chilies) because I didn’t know how spicy the dish would be.  It turned out mild, so next time I will add more.

If you try this recipe let me know how you liked it.

Always enjoy the adventure of food!

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