Photo Friday – January 29th

Ok, yes, we are still in January, we still have a good amount of winter ahead of us.
I am in need of some Spring and some green.

Thoughts of my little hummingbirds and flowers have been running around in my mind and I can’t control it any longer.  I can’t wait until my little cuties come back.
So, I had to share with you from last year.

The end of April they will be back.. no I am not counting down at all.  I have a video, although it wouldn’t upload correctly, so I will only torment you with pictures. Enjoy with me.


5280 hbird

Then, there are the lake days of Spring.
Always so much fun.
Great fishing, beautiful views and other critters trying to catch a fish too.

yankee meadows 2015-1

missed fish-bird-panguitch

I do love photos.

I can look back on my pictures and bring back the joy and smile I had the day I took the picture.

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