Photo Friday – February 12

Happy Photo Friday to You!

I am not a morning person, I need my hot coffee before I can function.

Although, when Archie cat pawed at the blinds last week (yes, he is spoiled)
I opened them and looked was so beautiful.
So, on with a jacket and boots…time for some photo fun.

Even before coffee I functioned pretty good.

My downfall was my glasses.  I normally where contacts, take them out before bed, then in the morning I get my coffee and wake up before I go trying to stick my fingers and contacts in my eyes.  Well, it was to pretty outside to take time to put contacts on, so I just went out taking pictures with my glasses on.

Well, when your face is up against the camera, glasses against that, and of course breathing…  my glasses fogged up, and it was so cold they were actually icy.  So I thought hey, maybe I can just look through the camera and focus in.  Well, no..that doesn’t work as bad as my eyes are.  So, I took a few on auto focus not knowing what was going to show up and headed back inside for some hot coffee.

1726 frosty morning 1744 frosty morning 1748 frosty morning 1761 frosty morning 1769 frosty morning 1775 frosty morning 1787 frosty morning 1799 frosty morning 1801 frosty morning 1807 frosty morning 1812 frosty morning 1813 frosty morning 1844 frosty morning

Enjoy the fun, even the frosty fun.

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