Photo Friday – February 19th

Happy Photo Friday to you!

We have had some really nice weather this week and it is driving me crazy for spring planting.

The flowers always come first since I can move them in and out of the greenhouse as needed.  I enjoy having my little greenhouse full of flowers and plants, I go out there mid-morning to open it up and the smells of the flowers rush out.  It is all smiles for me.

It is still to early for the flowers, so I went back through my pictures to enjoy them from last year and start thinking of what I am going to put where.

Bright green, bright colors and warm sunshine.

41649 flowers 5711 flowers 5704 flowers

Sadly these were not in my yard, I saw them on vacation and couldn’t help to take pictures.
I plan on adding them in my yard this year.

5894 flowers 5891 flowers

Enjoy the flowers.


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