Photo Friday – Spring Seedlings – March 4th

Happy Photo Friday to You!

This week is all about seedlings, a morning view and a surprise.

I am yet again planting seeds.  They generally don’t work for me, although I was so excited with the warm weather I couldn’t stay out of the dirt.  I had to plant something.

So well, I planted a bunch.  Tomatoes, tarragon, basil, parsley, two kinds of spinach, snapdragons, huckleberry, morning glory and hollyhock.  Happy to say some have sprouted!  The beautiful green jumping out of the brown dirt is a beautiful sight to me.  Now the big test, will they grow from here?  I will keep you updated on their hopefully happy progress.

2816 seedlings 2826 seedlings 2846 seedlings

Then, well, you may want to sit down for this…
A sunrise!
I know, pictures before coffee, and a sunrise at that.
Thanks for sleepless nights and a puppy getting up early
I was able to catch a very pretty sunrise this week.

2772 sunrise 2778 sunrise

The surprise.
I was worried my asparagus was dead.  I have four plants, two and three years after planting.  Last year was the first year of full looking plants.  I mulched in the fall and hoped for the best.  Nothing was showing, it all looked dead.  Then, it seemed to be nothing one day, the next day WOW – asparagus popping up out of the ground even though the entire plant looks dead.

So happy!

2873 asparagus

Enjoy…  well, just enjoy.

We have so much going on in our lives sometimes we miss the little things.  Take time to enjoy them, enjoy the unexpected, and always enjoy the dirt if you can.  Even if it is a little house plant or a huge garden, or a small garden, let it surround you with life and a smile.


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