Photo Friday – March 11 – Sunrise to Sunset

Happy Photo Friday to you!

I hope everyone got to enjoy the beauty around you this past week.

With our new puppy Louie Dog I have been getting to see my share of sunrises.  This week has had a few beauties. Louie used to sleep until just after my husband left for work.  Although this week he is up at 6:20, he is seriously an alarm clock.  So it gives him time to go outside, then my husband gets ready to leave for work and Louie and Lexie get treats.  Thankfully for me Louie will get a snack, a little breakfast and go back to bed for an hour or so.

Our sunrises..

3120 sunrise 3056 sunrise

A beautiful afternoon.  I could have cropped the picture more to focus on the mountains, although you know I don’t like to edit photos and the blue sky is so beautiful.


Finally a sunset, all around our days are beautiful sunrise to sunset.

2908 sunset

Now a funny one, not a great picture, but had to capture Louie Dog’s first snow. And looking back at pictures we realize he is Odie from Garfield.  Huge feet and ears and skinny tale.  Pretty cute.

2920 louie first snow

Enjoy the beauty around you.
No matter if you take a picture or just keep it in your mind.
It is all wonderful.
Don’t miss it!

Your thoughts

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