Photo Friday – April 1st – Red Acre Farm CSA

Hey, it is still Friday somewhere.  We had a fun day today with our class, I had so many pictures I couldn’t narrow it down to just a couple.

Today our Adventure Kids group had our finally class of the school year.
Since we have studied plants and animals this semester it was fitting to go on a field trip.

Red Acre Farm CSA happily welcomed our crew.
We had an informative tour, did a little work, gathered eggs, milked a goat and
fed their newest farm family members.

Thank you to Symbria and Sara for all that you do!
And, thank you for a wonderful afternoon on your farm.

Every part of the farm has a purpose and a reason.  Filled with love and life all around.

The gardens and greens.  Beautiful colors of different varieties of plants.

4171 greens 4168 greens 4163 greens 4162 greens 4159 greens 4150 greens 4148 greens 4146 greens

Ducks, adorable talking as we walked by.

4180 ducks

Chickens, wonderful fresh eggs.

4200 chickens 4191 eggs 4185 chicken eggs

The cows, they really are cute,  and seemed to enjoy the kids, so sweet.

4288 cow 4281 cow

Oh, my cuties!   The Llamas.
Well, obviously they aren’t mine, although every time I see them I have to say “hey cuties”  And, I can’t help but get a huge smile on my face.   I just want to give them a big hug.  Sadly they are not hug critters.  Although, today I learned a secret treat they like.  So I may need to come armed with them next time.  I still don’t think they would like a hug, a treat they would enjoy.

4226 llama 4228 llama 4269 llama 4259 llama 4275 llama

Finally, some new members of the Red Acre Farm family.  I didn’t get any pictures of the group milking mama goat, I was caught up with these cuties.  Four days old.

4363 goats 4365 goats 4369 goats 4393 goats

Finally a cuddly cat. Such a sweetie.  Nothing goes to waste at the farm, so a little treat for kitty.

4478 cat

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