Photo Friday

I am pretty much picture taking crazy, my cats even know the beep of the camera focusing and come out to see what I am looking at.

I truly love to take pictures, and I am thankful for digital.  I surely couldn’t afford to develop nearly 10,000 pictures a year, which means I wouldn’t take as many, which would lead to me missing a great shot.  With digital you don’t have to wait for the perfect moment, you can click away and adjust away until you get what you hoped you would.
Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.  In my mind as long as you had fun in the process, and enjoyed the views it was worth it.

Not everyone is going to like our pictures. Why?  We are all individuals.
We take the picture through our eyes,
through our heart, then through our lens.

There are techniques to be learned which will make for good photo’s, you have to know what to adjust to brighten, darken and of course focus, which is really the first step.  I am not very technical in my photo taking.  Although I take a lot of pictures, I don’t adjust as much as I might should.  And, I don’t like to edit, I know, that might as well be evil in the digital photography world.
I grew up with film photography.  You had one chance to get the picture.  We really didn’t think about it, there were no options, just point the camera and click the button.   So, now with digital, my mind still thinks in a film sort of way.  I try to get the picture I am happy with from the camera not from editing.  Almost anything can be fixed and even created or deleted through photo editing software.  This technology does make for some truly amazing photo’s that stop you in your tracks when you see them.  I am certainly not against that, I do enjoy looking at those photo’s, it is just not my style.  I am more minimalist in my editing.  I will crop, then maybe some minor brightening,  most of the time I realize I am posting as is.  They probably could be better if I took the time to learn and study the programs for editing photos.  For me, when I see a picture and a smile comes to my face, I don’t want to change it.  In the moment that picture was taken that was where my mind, heart and soul was and it worked – in my eyes anyway.

So with that said, most things in life are better when they can be shared.
So, I would like to start sharing my photos with you.
They may be new, they may be old, just something that strikes me during the week.  Let me know in the comments if this is something you would be interested in.

These pictures were from today’s snow day.
I told you I was photo crazy, well yes, I just realized I took 211 pictures today.  These are my favorites of our little birdies and our hawks.

Our little birdies in the snow, the snowflakes earlier in the day were so big and pretty.

 Our Hawk’s.
I have only noticed one at a time, thinking we only had one.  Surprise, today I saw two at once!  They are so pretty to watch.
And realizing the longer you stand in the cold snow, waiting for the bird to take flight, the longer it will make you wait.
My mind saying “it is going to take off any second now…ok…any second now…really any second now.” Ten minutes later, fingers freezing, “…any second now.”

Enjoy the fun of what is around you.

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  1. Yes!!! Keep posting your photos!!! They are an inspiration for me. This coming winter I am hoping to finally try my hand at it…I feel the same with regard to editing…It’s all about “seeing through the lens”, “capturing the moment”, just as you describe…BRAVO!!!

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