Photo Friday – Our Critters

Happy Photo Friday to you!

This week is a view of our critters.

First off, sweet Chloe girl.  A sweetheart, super soft and cuddly, except she isn’t all that cuddly.   Only on her terms.  Hey, makes sense, she is a cat.

3312 chloe

Next critter to our family is Archie.  He is huge, and it is about time for him to get shaved down for the summer.  It sounds odd, although we did it for the first time last year.  He really enjoyed it, much cooler on him.  He has a ton of fur, and enjoys rolling in the dirt.  He is black and white, not brown and white.

4960 archie

His eyes are on a bird.  Archie to bird – nothing to see over here…

4526 archie

Lexie dog, the big one was first, our latest is Louie dog.  Lexie is such a sweetheart and so good with the puppy.  Her expression is fantastic….  I think she is telling me she deserves some extra treats for this.   She really does put up with a lot out of Louie, although she will put him in his place when needed.

4508 lexie louie

Louie dog with a piece of stick in his mouth on his favorite chair Lexie dog.

4546 louie lexie

Enjoy the life around you!

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