Photo Friday – Spring and Plants

How do you know it is Spring?
Well, after some nice weather in the 60’s it snows.
Horrible wind and snow for most of the day today.
So to cheer things up I took pictures of my little plants.

I went to our local nursery earlier in the week for some planting dirt, and I admit, I have very little control to stick to my list.  It is really worse than the grocery store for me.  Passing this and that, so many beautiful colors and visions of productive vegetables all summer long.  I try to keep some control, yet not much happens.

A tomato plant – how could I leave this beautiful plant behind?  I completely couldn’t.  Already with a little tomato and blooms, I am so excited.  This will get taken care of with the spring routine.  Outside during the day, inside during the night until June.

4768 tomato 4765 tomato

Sugar Snap Peas – last year was the first year we planted them.  And we were so thrilled, they produce early, so sweet and tasty.  I think we ate most of them while working in the garden, just picking and eating them.  Hoping this year to plant enough to actually have enough for garden snacking and for dinner.

4790 sugar snap pea

Kale – I skipped growing last year, back into it this year.  It surprised me the first year of growing how easy and fast it produced, yet how expensive it is in the grocery. A few bugs to deal with, yet easy to control.

4793 kale

Cucumber – these are a trial.  Year four of the garden and I have failed at cucumbers each year.  There was one yellow round variety that grew and produced fantastic, yet they didn’t have the texture or flavor we like.  This year, I am determined.  There must be a variety that will be content in my garden.  Also being year four, the dirt is not just miserable clay, it actually looks like good garden dirt.  While walking through the nursery I came across a cute Armenian Cucumber plant.  Why cute?  Well it had tiny blooms on it.  Well, why not give it a try.  Never tried this one before.  I will be trying a few more new kinds to see what will produce.  Hoping for the best.

4782 armenian cucumber

Flowers, flowers!  I must have flowers.  Petunias I do enjoy, yet they do take more work.  The dead flowers need to be picked off, and some trimming does help them bloom more.  They are worth the extra work, I just don’t want all of my baskets full of them, since I do have a lot of baskets and that makes for more work than I would like.  I have found a new favorite, I think of it as a mini petunia without the work. Calibrachoa. The dead flowers come off themselves, no trimming needed.  The plant gets so full and round, full of blooms all summer.  Flowers do like and need iron supplement, at least the ones I have grown.  So every week I give them a good fertilizer and Ferriplus iron supplement I get from our local Ladybug Nursery.

4813 flower 4780 flower 4811 flower

Enjoy the fun of photo’s, spring, gardening and flowers.

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