Pisco Peruvian Cuisine

We have a wonderful new restaurant in our little town that had their grand opening November 2nd.

Pisco Peruvian Cuisine
1180 South Sage Drive Ste F
Cedar City, Utah 84720

We were excited to finally be able to go and try them for a lunch treat Friday.  They have a large menu with many items to choose from, chicken, beef, pork, sausage, fish, and salads.  I know, that sounds normal,  many places have those same items, even my freezer.  Although, the uniqueness of this restaurant comes with what they do with those ingredients, combinations of spices and styles of cooking to get the most flavor out of everything.

Reading the menu is like traveling the countryside learning about the history and traditions of the local food specialties.  And yes, it can be intimidating going to a restaurant where you have no idea what to expect, or what to order.  I have found the best way to tackle this is to ask what they recommend.  If you have any dietary restrictions let them know, they want you to have an enjoyable meal as much as you do.

We had a couple appetizer and side items we just had to try, but didn’t know about a main course.  Octavio was great in taking the time to explain some of the dishes so my son and I could finally decide on one.  And, of course now we have already picked out about three more items for our next visit.  Well, to be honest, three is actually what my son has already picked out, I have about eight.

And now, on with the food.  I will have more photos in the near future.
These are the choices from our first visit.

AGUADITOCilantro based chicken soup with seasonal vegetables and corn.  
This soup is loaded with flavor, vegetables and chicken.


Half avocado filled with chicken, potatoes, carrots, peas and homemade mayo.  
I told my son I could eat this every day, he said that wouldn’t be good for me.  Well, I disagree.  It would be amazing!


YUCCA FRITA (fried yucca root) –
This was my first time having yucca root, the best way I can describe it is like a really thick potato slice, light soft texture on the inside with a light crisp on the outside.  I compare to a potato because when the word root is involved my mind thinks of something really chewy or stringy, for lack of better words, and this is not any of that.  They are served with a cheese based dipping sauce with a little kick.  We didn’t think it had to much kick of spice at all, it paired great with the mild flavors of the yucca root.


The Main Meal
Lunch Menu Combo #1 with Saltado Chicken


As the menu describes:  “All our combos are designed in the same fashion, our “MENU DEL DIA” are served in Peru.  We are accustomed to have a 3-course meal for lunch.”

The Salad – a light salad with fresh ingredients and a light tangy dressing.  And yes, I need to know what variety of tomatoes these are.  So meaty and full of flavor.  I was saving it for my son, since it is is favorite, and he liked it so much he made sure I got a taste of it.


Garlic Rice – Ok, you know this is one thing I had to try, anything with garlic in the name is a must have for me, and of course ordered an extra side order.  Think of sticky rice, with a buttery garlic flavor. I don’t know if butter is in it or not, but it had a nice rich flavor.


Now the main course of the 3-course lunch.  
Saltado Chicken  

The chicken is tender and full of flavor.  Octavio said they do a short marinade with the choice of meat (chicken or beef).  Then sautee with tomato and onion and flambé to lock in all of the wonderful flavors.  This is served over thick cut french fries, and the sauce from the meat is a great sauce for the fries.


If you haven’t been there yet, I recommend trying them.  They have dine in, take out and catering.

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