So yes, here we are mid January, snow on the Mountains, but in the valley a sunny 55 degree day.  I couldn’t take it any longer and had to plant something.

Looking through all of my leftover seeds I had from last year, found spinach and lettuce.
So here we go!! Four months away from last frost and being able to plant anything actually in the ground, my first big try of starting seeds indoors.
Now is the time to look through seed catalogues, draw out the garden area and plan what will go where.


Oh, no I haven’t forgotten about that.
I have drawings over here and there, pages folded all through the catalogues in preparation for that sunny day four months or so from now when it can all truly begin outside in the garden.
Until then, I will keep the little sprouts watered and warm and under the grow lights in hopeful anticipation for some fresh greens.

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