Smiles and Trials of the Day – A Birthday Cake

A smile and a trial day, or at least a little stressful worrying about a Birthday Cake.

Today was the day to make a Birthday cake and our minds were changed about what to make at the last minute.  Although, I must admit, going with a recipe I just found, and never having made this type of cake, it turned out pretty good. A little too crunchy on the top layer. It was kind of like a chocolate crispy candy.  Altitude could have played a part in that, I didn’t think to look up any adjustments.  I am proud to say I followed the entire recipe, I even sifted the flour and sugar like it said.  So, if you are in need of a chocolate overload, this will do it.

Happy Birthday to our Little Man, he made a good choice for his cake.  And he even helped.

Warm Fudgy Pudding Cake – Recipe Here

fudge pudding cake


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