Smiles and Trials of the Day – February 24th – Puppy Milestone

Smiles and Trials of the Day.

It has been a while since I have done this, although today we reached a milestone, simple as it is I had to write about it.

Trials:  We have a new puppy, we got him at 8 weeks old.  Today marks day 11.  Sleepless nights, he has been up every 2 hours, to every hour to go outside.  The last two days I am proud to say I got a 4 hour segment and a 3 1/2 hour segment of uninterrupted sleep.  Trying to house train, crate train, learn the hierarchy of the house.  Me going crazy, crap…where did he go…he was just here next to me.  Yelling out… stop it, leave it, leave it, be nice, no bite, really, NO.. as he runs off with a pillow, or the top to a storage box. And other well, just noises I make which he seems to be understanding.

2536 Louie 1

Smiles: As I said this is day 11.  Anything that happens after this post I am considering another day.  This day marks a milestone.  No accidents in the house or the crate!  This is seriously huge for me.  We had appointments to go to today. The first one we were gone for 2 hours.  Louie Dog was whining in the crate when we left.  When we got back, calm and no potty in the crate.  The second time he was calm and quiet when we left.  When we got back no potty in the crate. In and out of the house, play time, nap time.. all good and going potty outside.  I am a happy person here.

Tomorrow may be a completely different story, I am still smiling that we have conquered today.

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