Supermoon 2016

I love taking pictures, and I love a challenge to capture an event that may only happen once in my lifetime.  I have spent many times waiting and waiting, total focus and preparation, and have succeeded in capturing some pretty good pictures and had fun in the process.

Sadly or maybe thankfully this was not one of those times.   I was excited to get pictures, although got sidetracked with family matters, and cooking dinner.  Looked out the kitchen window and oh…oh…oh….   hurry, get the camera, change out the lens, get the tripod and set up.

Supermoon November 2016 from Cedar City, Utah



So, for all the times of preparation, and all the times of panic to get my camera together,
it is a fun process and I love seeing what I can capture..

2 Comments on “Supermoon 2016

  1. Hey you did great! We had a beautiful view of the moon last night didn’t realize it until later that this was the first time since 1948 that the moon was this close. So glad I got to see it! Cha

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