Sushi Sunday – April 2016

This month’s Sushi Sunday also celebrated my Mom’s Birthday.  
My pre-view post
 shows the desert you get if you go on your birthday.  Very good.

Ninja has two areas for dining.  You can sit at tables and order sushi and other menu items.  Or, in the back they have the Hibachi area where you select your food and it is cooked at your table.  In the hibachi area you can also order sushi and regular menu items if you have a favorite from the regular menu.

To start the meal off my mom ordered her new favorite sushi.  Spicy Tuna Handroll.

4036 spicy tuna handroll

Then an XO Roll – Eel and avocado wrapped in soy paper and tempura fried with eel sauce and crunches on top.

4034 xo roll

Spiderman roll – soft shell crab and crab meat topped with unagi and crunchies.  This does have real crab and imitation.  I am allergic to the imitation, so I pieced some of it out and it was good.  My son could eat it as it was and said it was good, although he liked the XO roll the best.

4031 spiderman roll

Now for the Hibachi Entrees.  Food with fire is always fun in my opinion.

4049 hibachi

4093 onion volcano starting

4098j onion volcano

My Mom’s birthday choice was the Seafood Deluxe – Lobster tail, scallops, shrimp and fried rice.

4080 lobster and scallops

4089 scallops searing

4133 seafood delux

Next up was Shrimp and Scallops with noodles instead of rice.  I am a noodle person, so I had to order with noodles.  I did try the rice and it was really good also.

4059 noodles

4127 shrimp and scallops

Then Chicken Teriyaki – it was covered with Teriyaki sauce and very tender and flavorful.

4138 chicken teriyaki

The meals also come with fresh vegetables cooked on the hibachi.  And soup and salad, unfortunately I was enjoying the sushi so much I forgot to get a picture of them.

4075 hibachi grilled veggies

Enjoy food, give it all a chance.  You may just like it.

Join me next month Sunday May 1st for my next Sushi adventure.
If you enjoy sushi let me know what favorites you enjoy.



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