Sushi Sunday – August 2016

It is Sushi Sunday time again!

We were back in Cedar City this month at our local restaurant, Ninja for some new sushi fun.  I have my favorite rolls and I tend to want to order them each time because they are so good.  This time I had   made up my mind to try a new roll and another roll I haven’t had in a while.

APPETIZER – EGG ROLLS, these are always a good go to starter.  Thin crispy outside, full of tasty treats inside with a sweet dipping sauce.

9335 egg rolls

SHRIMP TEMPURA –  If you like shrimp the shrimp tempura is flavorful with a light dipping sauce, served with tempura vegetables, rice, soup and salad.  My husband doesn’t like onions or mushrooms so I gladly ate them.

9356 shrimp tempura

BEEF TERIYAKI – My son is enjoying the Beef Teriyaki.  It is really tender, served with sesame seeds and teriyaki sauce.  Sides of rice, salad and soup.

9352 beef teriyaki


MAGURO SASHIMI (Tuna) – My mom really likes this one.  Light and tasty.  I admit I tried a tiny piece it was pretty good.

9307 maguro sashimi

YUMMY ROLL – My mom was wanting to try something new, this one sounded good and she agreed to give it a try.  Not disappointed at all.  Very tasty, good mixture of flavors.  Creamy yellowtail and avocado inside, topped with seared salmon and flying fish eggs.  This also has a spicy sauce on top.  Not to much spice, just enough to give a little kick.

9332 yummy roll

SUMMER NIGHT – This was my new adventure this month.  I have come to enjoy spicy tuna.  This roll is on their sushi hour special.  I really enjoyed the flavors and the kick from the spicy tuna.   Shrimp tempura, cream cheese, cucumber inside, topped with spicy tuna and eel sauce.

9317 summer night

CRISPY UNAGI – Eel is one of my favorites for sushi.  It is usually smoked and it has a mild flavor.  I have had this roll in the past, although it has been a while.  So, it was time to have it again.  Unagi and avocado inside crispy seaweed outside, topped with massage and unagi sauce.

9322 crispy unagi

Don’t be afraid to try something new.   Food adventures can be fun and you never know when you may come across something unexpected and a new favorite.

Join me next month for another sushi adventure.
Let me know what you favorites are.
I may try something new again.







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