Sushi Sunday – February 2016

Happy Sushi Sunday to you!
And Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

We went to get our monthly Sushi earlier in the week so we wouldn’t miss the game.  This also allowed me time to get this posted before the game so you could all enjoy.
Or, not enjoy and make you happier you are closer to getting chips and dip with no sushi.

It has been two months since we went to Ninja, our local sushi restaurant.  Last month it was hibernation time and I made my own for Sushi Sunday – January

I was so excited to get back to our favorite place I had to order the favorites and my son felt the same way.  I did however order a new appetizer.  My mom got her favorite appetizer which I haven’t posted about, so they are both new to share with you.

Here are the appetizers for those of you who are vegetarian, or don’t like traditional sushi, they are good choices.

Vegetable Tempura – Tempura Fried Shrimp, Onion, Mushroom and Sweet Potatoes.
Every part of this appetizer is good, so crispy on the outside, perfectly cooked on the inside.  My surprising favorite in this mix is the sweet potato.

1694 veg tempura

Agedashi DofuTempura Fried Tofu
I admit I was afraid of this, yet compelled to try it.  I know there are many people looking for an alternative something to eat while their friends or family eat sushi.  I must admit it was very good, except for my first bite, which was my fault.  I had no idea what to expect and it was really hot.  Yes, I know, I should have been prepared, hot is the best way to serve food.  So, next up I broke one in half to cool down, dipped it in the sauce and yum.  The outside was really crunchy even after being dipped, the tofu was soft and creamy on the inside.  I was impressed.  If you regularly eat tofu you may dip it in the sauce lightly and enjoy the mild flavor.  It was good like that, although for me, after splitting the one in half, dipping it and having the sauce fill the inside surrounding the tofu was really good.

1696 tofu

Now for the Sushi, our Family Favorites

XO Roll
Eel, Avocado wrapped in soy paper, and tempura fried with eel sauce and crunches on top.  This one is my son’s favorite.  Fried and crunches on top, the eel sauce is mild, just adding yet another flavor layer.

1704 xo

Phoenix Roll
Shrimp tempura cucumber and cream cheese inside with mango and bonsai sauce on top.
A wonderful combination here.  The inside your basics, then top it with sweet mango, the bonsai sauce has a sweetness then a little spice, not overwhelming, just a good amount to add a pop of spice at the end.

1708 phoenix

Unagi (eel) smoked salmon and cream cheese deep fried with eel sauce and mayo on top.  This is my favorite.  There are big flavorful pieces of smoked salmon in this one.  The eel sauce and mayo topping does have the slightest of spice a great compliment to the smoky salmon and Unagi.

1707 ny ny

Yakisoba – A sizzling plate of Japanese egg noodles stir-fried in their house yakisoba sauce and vegetables.

I realized yet again I didn’t get pictures of the Yakisoba my husband orders.  This is another alternative for those that don’t like sushi.  Very flavorful, and you can order with just vegetables  or chicken, beef, or seafood.  I will try to remember to get pictures next time.

Join me March 6th for the next Sushi adventure.
I have satisfied my craving for my favorites so I will try to pick out something new.
Who knows, I might find a new favorite.



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