Sushi Sunday – January 2016

Here we are at the first Sunday of the Month and the first Sunday of 2016.
So, it is a Super Sushi Sunday.

The first of the New Year brings me a little hibernation time.   I make and buy a bunch of snacks to last several days. This way I know I don’t have to do anything.  I refuse to worry about laundry, chores, or dinner preparations or cooking.  The whole family just snacks for a few days. This year I even got a couple naps in on the long weekend.  Happy, Happy me!

Since it is still considered my hibernation time, I wasn’t in the mood to go out for Sushi, and, since I got some naps in I was ready to tackle a Sushi Themed Sunday.
It was a fun Sushi Adventure.


I know what you are thinking, Sushi for Breakfast?
That is more disgusting than normal Sushi…has she completely lost her mind?
No, I have not, it has bacon.  A person can’t have lost their mind if there is bacon.  (Yes, it is cooked, if it were raw, well, yes I would have lost my mind)
As I said it was a Sushi Theme, and I ran with it.
Fried up some bacon -that is the wrapper.
Then a thin cooked egg, like what you would do for an omelet.
Add in some cheese, spinach, sweet red peppers and roll it up.  Set it on top of fried tater tots covered in cheese, top it all with fresh goat cheese crumbles.


Oh yes, it was good and tasty.
My Happy Sushi Sunday Breakfast.


Dinner Sushi included fried shrimp and veggies.

First, I cut the shrimp in half lengthwise.  Dipped them in a mixture of egg and coconut milk, then coated with Panko bread crumbs and fried in my cast iron skillet with a thin layer of lard.  I enjoy cooking with lard, and I always have some around, I am sure you could use any oils on this, or a deep fryer.   I tend to enjoy just frying on each side on a light layer of oil, that is why I cut the shrimp in half so they cook better.

Shrimp Sushi- I used the traditional seaweed wrapper, rice, fried shrimp, avocado, cucumber and cream cheese.  I mixed up some Sriracha Mayo sauce with creamy horseradish to top them.


The Sriracha Mayo sauce I made to our hotness liking I will say.  You can buy it already made, although, since I don’t know how hot it is, I opted to make my own.  Probably missing something since I didn’t look up a recipe, although since I don’t stick with a recipe anyway, I just went with the name.. couple tablespoons mayo, a few drops of Sriracha, and added a few drops of creamy horseradish, that part just sounded good.
It had the right amount of heat for us, and added a nice extra flavor layer to the sushi.

Veggie Sushi- This style is fun because you can use anything you like in it.  I cooked the rice according to directions.  Used the traditional seaweed wrapper, one has avocado, cucumber and cream cheese.  The other has avocado, cucumber, red sweet peppers.  I topped them with sesame seeds and dipped in soy sauce.  Although I admit I had to try them with the Sriracha mayo and liked it better with that sauce.



I know.. you are back at the breakfast thought of me loosing my mind.  I still haven’t, just having fun.
This is called Frushi.  A fruit sushi.  I admit it turned out kind of plain, yet still good with just a slight sweetness.   Since we are in the middle of winter and not fruit harvest time, it was lacking really good fresh fruit sweetness.   I think if this was made in the summer with fresh sweet fruits it would be better.

I found the main recipe from  And, since I never can stick to a recipe I had to add some cinnamon and vanilla to the rice.

I found a good dipping sauce from My Darling Vegan, and yet again I couldn’t stick to the recipe.  I was looking for something in the refrigerator to add to it..  Whipped Cream.  A nice sweet touch.  If you happen to be vegan you could add more maple syrup if you want it sweeter.


 Enjoy the Sushi, no matter the form.

Join me for the next Sushi Sunday February 7th.
I would like to now what your favorites are.

Your thoughts

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