Sushi Sunday – July 2016

It is that time again for Sushi Sunday!
This month it was Sushi Sunday with a twist, a Hawaiian twist.
And what a wonderful twist it was going to Hawaiian Poke Bowl.

 Hawaiian Poke Bowl
175 West 900 South Ste. 1
St. George, Utah

I know what you may be thinking, Hawaiian sushi in the middle of a desert in Utah?
Well, yes it is here and it is amazing.
The owner Roberta is from Hawaii, and as time has gone by she now finds herself in Utah.
And, I know I am not the only one that is grateful and pleased she has wound up here and started Hawaiian Poke Bowl.  She is filled with pride and joy in her food and restaurant.  While we were there, it was an almost constant line of customers, regulars and newbies.  All greeted with happiness. A plus is if you are new, you can taste test everything.  Even if you think you know what you would like, Roberta gives you a sample just to make sure yo are completely satisfied with your choice.

I admit we had been in the area and saw the restaurant an didn’t know what it was, so we didn’t stop in.  I am very thankful for a member of our local food group, Paul, that said I should make the trip to St George for a Sushi Sunday blog.  So, why not.  He said it is good, and as I tell other people, always give new things a try.  You never know what you may like.  If you don’t like it, you have lost nothing.  If you like it you have gained a new food adventure.

Poke is served over hot rice (white or brown) and cabbage.  You can make your choice of one or several kinds of poke, (sliced seafood) cooked or raw.

Paul’s favorite is Ahi (tuna), he had a bowl of Furikake Ahi and Shoyu Ahi.

8031 hawaiian poke bowl

My Mom loves raw sushi in any form.  She ordered a bowl with a bunch of choices, raw and cooked.

Spicy Ahi – tender fresh Ahi with a wonderful light kick of spice.

8059 sweet and spicy ahi

Sweet Salmon – the salmon is soft and flavorful with a nice sweet flavor.8061 sweet salmon

Kim Chee Shrimp – the shrimp is fresh with a little kick of spice at the end.8062 kim chee shrimp

We both had the Spicy Ahi – the ahi was wonderfully fresh, the cream sauce with a kick, yet not to much of a kick of spice.  A wonderful mixture.

8074 spicy ahi

Along with that I added…..  well it will be kind of a surprise.  In all of my food excitement I didn’t get the shrimp I ordered.  It is a sweet shrimp with pineapple.  It was wonderful.  Fresh shrimp with a sweet sauce and pineapple.

8071 sweet shrimp

And, not to worry, if you don’t like seafood and your dining companions do, they have Kalua Pork, my son got this.   Sweet juicy seasoned pork served over rice, with a couple of sauce options to choose from.

8064 kalua pork

This month’s sushi Sunday was a new adventure and I am so happy it was.
We got to meet some great new people and enjoy the food fun.

Thanks to Roberta and crew for your wonderful flavorful food, and to Paul for saying I should try it.

“You’ve never had real sushi until you’ve been here”  – Paul White

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