Sushi Sunday – June 2016

It is that time again for Sushi Sunday.
Although, as I was getting everything ready I realized I am a week early.
Our food was so good, I am not going to wait a week to share with you.  Enjoy!

We ate at our local restaurant – Ninja.  The food and service was great as usual.
I was excited for some new friends to join us and try new things, and happy they had a good time and enjoyed the new food and experience.

To start things off, The Appetizers

Spicy Edamame with Chili and Garlic

6444 ninja spicy edamame

Japanese Potstickers, Pan Fried Pork Dumpings

6440 potstickers

Egg Rolls with Sweet Dipping Sauce

6449 ninja eggroll

Beef Negimaki This was a recommendation since they were out of another appetizer. I highly recommend this new treat.  Beef marinated in teriyaki, although I am not sure what is is rolled around, it was tender and full of flavor.

6487 ninja beef negimaki

Their Kitchen Entrees include miso soup and Ninja’s house salad.

There are always questions or concerns going to a Sushi restaurant when someone can’t eat or doesn’t like Sushi, or even anything fish.  I was happy we had some members from our local food group come along even though they were not going to order Sushi.

For those that like seafood, yet not sushi – Seafood Tempura, Scallops, crab, fish and shrimp lightly battered and fried with tempura sauce.

6492 ninja seafood tempura

For those that like Teriyaki, they have several options, Chicken, Beef, Salmon, Scallop, and Seafood.

Chicken Teriyaki

6494 ninja chicken teriyaki

Beef Teriyaki  
My son ordered this one.  Although it was a miss order, he was wanting the Beef Yakisoba, this was on us, not Ninja.  It turned out to be a fantastic meal.  He ate the entire steak, I think he now has a new favorite menu item to go along with his sushi.

6482 ninja beef teriyaki

If you like noodles their Yakisoba Dishes are really good.
They offer Vegetable, Chicken, Beef and Seafood.

Vegetable Yakisoba

6498 ninja vegetable yakisoba

And now for the Sushi

Spicy Tuna Handroll

6454 ninja spicy tuna handroll

Crispy Spicy Tuna
Spicy tuna with masago & eel sauce wrapped in crispy tempura fried seaweed.  This was my brave try, raw sushi.  I was impressed, it does have a kick of spice, and not any odd texture.
I enjoyed this new sushi adventure.

6452 ninja crispy spicy tuna

King Cobra
Shrimp tempura, cucumber and cream cheese, topped with spicy crab, avocado and eel sauce.

6462 ninja king cobra

XO Roll
My son’s favorite
Eel and avocado, wrapped in soy paper and tempura fried with eel sauce and crunchies on top.

6473 ninja xo roll

Volcano Roll
Tempura shrimp, cucumber and cream cheese topped with fish eggs, scallops, crunchies and eel sauce.  This was very good, my only downside is is did have imitation crab mixed in with the scallops which I can not eat, but was able to move it off and enjoy.

6479 ninja volcano roll

Lobster Boat Roll
A California Roll topped with succulent pieces of lobster.
My Mom has a new favorite to add to her list of favorites.

6503 ninja lobster boat rollI really enjoy sharing new food adventures with people.  Thank you to Ninja for the great food and for those that could join us this month.

Next month join me for a new adventure.
We will be going to Hawaiian Poke Bowl

Always enjoy new food adventures.
You never know what you may find to be a surprising tasty new food joy.

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    • You are welcome, I was so glad you could make it. I enjoy trying new things and sharing that with others.

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