Sushi Sunday – May 2016

It is that time again, Sushi Sunday!

This months Sushi Sunday was happily shared with some members of our local food group at Ninja.  It was a fun evening of talking, laughing, enjoying good food and even getting brave to try something new.  I always say to give things a try.  True, you may really not like it.  On the other hand you may find something you truly enjoy.

Although most of our orders were sushi, they do have many non sushi items.  We were treated by Ninja with Spicy Edamame appetizer while we were waiting for the group members to arrive.  Thank you for that, I unfortunately didn’t get a picture of those.

Fried Rice

5503 ninja fried rice

Chicken Yakisoba – this also can be ordered as Vegetable, Beef or Seafood.

5509 ninja chicken yakisoba

The Sushi

Pink Panther – Eel and avocado inside, topped with yellowtail.

5499 ninja pink panther

California Roll – Crab meat and avocado.

5514 ninja california roll

Money – Tempura white fish, avocado & crunchies topped with spicy crab & hashi sauce.

5515 ninja money roll

XO Roll – Eel & avocado inside soy paper, deep fried with eel sauce and crunchies on top.

5533 ninja xo

NY NY – Unagi (eel), smoked salmon & cream cheese, deep fried with eel sauce & mayo on top.

5537 ninja ny ny

Red Dragon – A spicy tuna roll topped with salmon and thinly sliced lemon.

5541 ninja red dragon

911 Roll – Spicy crab and avocado inside, crunchies and unagi (eel) outside.

5549 ninja 911

Phoenix Roll – Shrimp tempura, cucumber & cream cheese inside with mango and bonsai sauce on top.

5551 ninja phoenix

Unfortunately my Mom couldn’t make it to our gathering, although the sushi craving was getting stronger.  So happy she was able to go on another day and snap a picture for me.  She had the Spicy Tuna handroll her new favorite. Then a new treat.

Lobster Boat Roll – A California Roll topped with succulent pieces of lobster. lobster boat roll

Always enjoy the fun of food and new or old food adventures!






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