Sushi Sunday – October 2016 – preview

It is Sushi Sunday time again!

We have new restaurant called Sushi Burrito in our town, so it was finally time to try them.  I know what you are  thinking, Sushi and Burrito are two words that don’t really go together for food.  Well, it is different, although it does work.

Sushi Burrito Utah #5
1223 South Sage Drive
Cedar City, Utah 84720

#2 Shrimp Lover – tempura shrimp, purple cabbage, pickled daikon, carrot, cucumber, lettuce, avocado, spicy mayo and sriracha.
I did get the sriracha on the side since I wanted a little extra spice over the spicy mayo, but not overwhelming spice.  It worked out great for me.  If you are a spice lover, let them put the sriracha on it and wrap it up.


These are very big rolls, the vegetables all had good flavor and fresh, and the shrimp was nice and crispy.

The rest of our Sushi Burrito adventure will be up Monday October 3rd…

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