Sushi Sunday on the Way!

The First Sunday of the Month is almost here, which means Sushi Sunday!
My Mom is joining me this month in this little celebration, anyone else?

Do you have a favorite local Sushi Restaurant?  What is your favorite Sushi?

And, for those of you that do not like Sushi I have a surprise.   I am going to make a treat, and you may not be able to turn it down.

So, if you like sushi and go to your local favorite place Sunday I would love to hear from you.
If you don’t like sushi, stay tuned for the little treat I am making.
If all goes well look for my Sushi Sunday post Sunday night around 7-8pm est.  Our local favorite restaurant Ninja opens at 6:00 est with their specials.  So I will need a little time to pick up the order, take pictures and yes, eat some.


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