Sushi Sunday – One Year Anniversary

So here we are at Sushi Sunday!

My mom and I and many other friends have had fun during the past year for Sushi Sunday.  Some were familiar with sushi and loving it.  Others, new to it all and not knowing what to try.  Some options even have SPAM. Ok, so for some that may make it worse for you.  Even if you are not a sushi fan, stick with me… the end will have a good mix of photo’s for you.

I was not a sushi fan, and had never tried sushi until two years ago when I finally got up enough nerve to try it with my mom, who loves sushi.  I always had the idea of sushi as raw, which isn’t the case.  Sashimi is always raw, Sushi has many varieties.  And yes, before we went I looked up so many articles and recipes on sushi, even a sushi dictionary to know what words were.  Yes, also a menu and highlighter were involved.  Seriously research, not crazy.

I think the word Sushi is intimidating, or even repulsive for some.  I know it was for me until I started looking into it all.  Yet even after two years of Sushi fun there are definitely things I still won’t try. Octopus tops the list.  I admit it is a visual thing, although beautiful in presentation, I still can’t do it.

It has been an adventurous year of Sushi Fun.

December was kicked off with some Candy Sushi.  With the Holidays in full swing and plenty of sweet ingredients around the house I decided to have some fun with a sushi theme.


January kicked off with some breakfast sushi and my own adventure making a sushi dinner.  It took me all day; it was fun, yet a lot of work.  That is why I didn’t do it again.  🙂  I still like to make a roll here or there, but not a big variety that takes over the full day.


July took us to St George, Utah for some Hawaiian Sushi at Hawaiian Poke Bowl  this was a completely new twist for me.  Fresh prepared each day, loaded with flavor and spices and in a wonderful marinade.  I know, Hawaiian Poke in Utah?  Well, yes it is authentic.  The owner, Roberta is from Hawaii and now lives in St George and brings her love of Poke to us here in Utah.  

8031 hawaiian poke bowl

Vacations always bring on new food ventures.  Now that I enjoy sushi, I had to get some vacation sushi for September.  I was not disappointed, I have never had capers in sushi, and I liked it.  A salty addition to smoked fish from Zheng Asian Bistro


October brings us to a new restaurant in town.  Sushi Burrito #5. They have many options to choose from. This is a giant sushi roll, cut in half.  The flavors we tried were good, yet the burrito sushi is a hefty portion.  Show up hungry.  I enjoyed the fried varieties.  They also will fry them if they aren’t normally fried. So, if you are not into the seaweed wrap, the frying process does make the seaweed wrap a little milder. And yes, they do have a Maui Burrito made wth SPAM.


The rest of the year was from our local sushi restaurant Ninja.  They have a wide variety of cooked and raw options.  

Finally, for the non-sushi loving, yet food loving people out there that stuck with me.  Many sushi restaurants have many other items you can enjoy while your dining partner enjoys sushi.
How can you go wrong with fire and food.

Ninja Hibachi

Always enjoy the fun of food,
trying new things,
and sharing with friends and family!

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