Sushi Sunday Preview – Birthday Dinner

Today is my Mom’s Birthday, Happy Birthday again! Love You!

For her dinner she wanted Ninja, so the Birthday Girl got her wish.
Great service,  we had the Hibachi Dinner along with some Sushi.

My Mom has found a new favorite…   Second time ordering the Spicy Tuna Handroll, it is completely loaded with spicy tuna.

4036 spicy tuna handroll

Fire at the hibachi is always fun and entertaining.

4049 hibachi

And, this is a sneak peak of the beginnings of her Seafood Deluxe Dinner

4080 lobster and scallops

A Birthday isn’t complete without a desert.
Tempera Fried Ice Cream,
and Happy Birthday song.

4143 birthday desert

The rest of the dinner details will be on my Sushi Sunday Post 04/03/16

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