Daily Recipe Find – Roasted Mushrooms with Sherry and Creamy Polenta

Mushrooms are a touchy subject.  You love them, or hate them, there isn’t much in between.  I happen to be on the love side.  I admit there are some dishes I cook and puree them so my family… Read More

Good Morning Thursday – Eggs and Grits

Good Morning Thursday to you! Good morning smiles induced by cheesy eggs and buttery grits.

Good Morning Thursday! The Basics

Good Morning Thursday to You! Good Morning Smiles induced by the basics with some southern comfort.   Scrambled eggs, sausage and grits with lots of butter.

Good Morning Thursday – Happy St Patrick’s Day

Happy St Patricks Day to you. Good morning smiles induced by some green food fun. Green Eggs and Spam with a side of Green Cheesy Grits. Enjoy your green fun today!

Weekly Food Fun

Happy food fun to you! This week was a mix of standards,  and a new adventure with shrimp. A family favorite of ours is tater tot casserole.  I generally cook it in the crock pot, one it is… Read More

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