Daily Recipe Find – Kadai Mushroom Recipe

From time to time I am looking for a good veggie recipe to make when I want something light, yet don’t want to give up flavor. For those of you that like mushrooms, this is a good choice…. Read More

Daily Recipe Find – Greek Egg Bake Made in a Muffin Tin

Sunday brunch idea.  I have made other recipes with eggs in muffin tins, this one has some tasty additions of spinach and  feta cheese.  Enjoy! Recipe Here:  Greek Egg Bake Made in a Muffin Tin

Daily Recipe Find – Creamy Tomato Basil & Cauliflower Soup

Well, it is becoming that time of year…  snow is showing up on our weather forecast.  So, a soup search is on.  I like yogurt for some creaminess.  Then the cauliflower is a new twist, although sounds really… Read More

Daily Recipe Find – Broccoli and Stilton Soup

Soup time… this sounds really good, and the roasted vegetables add another layer of flavor.  Also, I admit I had to look up what Stilton was.  It is from England, a blue cheese.  So if you can’t find… Read More

Daily Recipe Find – Mulligan Stew

The colder weather is around the corner for us, for some it has arrived.   A hearty stew is always tasty as the cold weather hits. Recipe Here:  Mulligan Stew  

Daily Recipe Find – Kidney Bean and Cilantro Salad with Dijon Vinaigrette

It is that time of year when I stock up on kidney beans for chili during the winter season. Since it isn’t snowing yet, and I have an abundance of fresh tomatoes from the garden I need to… Read More

Daily Recipe Find – Quick & Easy Skillet Chicken Jambalaya

Jambalaya time!  Jambalaya is so flavorful, yet it normally takes a long time.  This is a nice quick recipe. I don’t have any cooked chicken in the freezer. So I am going to cook that in the crock… Read More

Sushi Sunday – September 2016

It is Sushi Sunday time, although this month was a tiny one, yet fun because I was able to try out a new restaurant while we were on vacation. Zheng Asian Bistro 35 C Market Street Glenwood Springs,… Read More

Daily Recipe Find – Zucchini Onion Pie

My zucchini is in full production, a little issue with squash bugs, although I am hopeful they are under control now.  Well, hopeful they are all dead now. This is a tasty looking recipe and really easy,  mix… Read More

Sushi Sunday – February 2016

Happy Sushi Sunday to you! And Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

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