Daily Recipe Find – Tomato Soup Spaghetti Sauce

I know you think this is an odd recipe find, well I admit it is.  Although since I found it out of necessity  I had to share in case you find yourself in the same situation. I generally… Read More

Daily Recipe Find – Chili Pasta Skillet

This is a super easy one pot meal, even the pasta.  I am going to have to try this.   Although, since I have chicken and no ground beef, I will modify and use chicken.  And, instead of… Read More

Daily Recipe Find – Pesto Chicken Pasta with Sun Dried Tomatoes

I just picked up a bulk order of chicken, so of course I am on the look out for new recipes.  This one jumped out at me.  Well, most any recipe with pasta jumps out at me.  I… Read More

Daily Recipe Find – Healthy Buffalo Macaroni and Cheese

Pasta, pasta, one of my favorites. I like the addition of buffalo chicken. I generally don’t make food spicy food, although sometimes it sounds good.  This recipe is nice, especially if you make your own chicken it is… Read More

DAILY RECIPE FIND – 08-09-16 -Pasta

Today’s daily recipe find is from Nigella Lawson. I really think I could eat pasta every day because I love it so much.  I am always looking for new recipes or some fun shaped pasta to hold some… Read More

Weekly Food Fun & Recipe Finds – May 2nd

Happy Weekly Food Fun to you! A quiet cooking week for me.  We had Sushi Sunday, our once a month Sushi dinner.  And happily welcomed a friend we hadn’t seen in a while.

Weekly Food Fun & Recipe Finds – April 18th

Happy Weekly Food fun to you!

Weekly Food Fun – April 11th & Recipe Finds of the Week

Happy Food Fun to You! I hope you enjoyed some food fun this week.

Weekly Food Fun – March 14th – Cheese Smiles

Happy Weekly Food Fun to you! I started the week with a pasta craving.

Weekly Food Fun – January 25th

Happy Weekly Food Fun to You! I hope you also had some fun with food last week.

Weekly Food Fun

Happy Food Fun time to you. This was a short food fun week of cooking due to New Years.  I celebrate the New Year with not cooking big meals.  I buy and make up a bunch of snacks… Read More

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