Daily Recipe Find – Thanksgiving – Casseroles

Thanksgiving is my ultimate cooking Holiday.  And why not, I love cooking, I love sharing my cooking and being thankful, spending time with family and friends. Casseroles are generally easy cooking adventures, throw this and that in a… Read More

Daily Recipe Find – Sunday Sweets – Creamed Sweet Pea Casserole

Ok, so it is time for Sunday Sweets. I am gathering my recipes for Thanksgiving, and of course roaming around to see if there is something else I may want to make.  Sigh, this showed up, how can… Read More

Photo Friday – Spring and Plants

How do you know it is Spring? Well, after some nice weather in the 60’s it snows. Horrible wind and snow for most of the day today. So to cheer things up I took pictures of my little… Read More

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