Good Morning Thursday – Garden Fresh Omelet

Good morning smiles induced by garden fresh vegetables omelet. Loaded the inside with kale, cherry tomatoes, bell pepper, tater tots, cheddar cheese.  Topped with more tomato and garlic rosemary goat cheese. Tasty way to start the day.

Good Morning Thursday – Overstuffed breakfast

Good Morning Thursday to you. Good morning smiles induced by an overstuffed omelet. Sometimes I get a little crazy adding this and that into the omelet. ¬†Then when it comes time to wrap it up, and it doesn’t… Read More

Good Morning Thursday – Asparagus Omelet

Good Morning Thursday to You! Good morning smiles induced by asparagus. It is still all over the stores, even my asparagus is alive and growing in the garden. I had to do a loaded omelet, cheese, tater tots,… Read More

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