Daily Recipe Find – Kadai Mushroom Recipe

From time to time I am looking for a good veggie recipe to make when I want something light, yet don’t want to give up flavor. For those of you that like mushrooms, this is a good choice…. Read More

Daily Recipe Find – Mediterranean Style Homemade Vegetable Soup

In the middle of winter soup is always a good choice.  This recipe is loaded with wonderful vegetables.  A winter treat to get you thinking about summer harvests.  Enjoy! Recipe Here:  Mediterranean Style Homemade Vegetable Soup

Daily Recipe Find – Roasted Carrots with Tumeric

I love tumeric, it is great on many root vegetables, I even like it in my scrambled eggs.  And of course great in soups and tea.  This is a fun easy side dish including tumeric.  I never would… Read More

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