The Lost Cajun – Glenwood Springs, Colorado 2016

I do enjoy writing about food, taking pictures of food, and of course eating it.
There doesn’t seem like there should be a downside to this…
yet there is.
As I sit here going through the pictures I took to write this
I am transported back to the smells, the tastes,
family around the table and enjoyment of the evening.
I am craving The Lost Cajun and I am now hundreds of miles away not able to get any.

The Lost Cajun
711 Grand Avenue
Glenwood Springs, Colorado 81601

To start The Lost Cajun experience they bring you a tasting tray,
I really love this idea.
This is great if you have never been there before to try new things.
Never knowing if certain cajun entrees will be to spicy or not.
Even for those who have been there before a tasting is great because
something new may strike your interest.


Lagniappe (Lan Yap) “A little Something Extra”

Our first something extra was a Basket of Fried Okra – yes, I lived in the South for many years and have never been much of an okra fan.
I admit I did try it and much better than I expected.
I do mean that as a complement.
It was good, crispy on the outside, hearty okra inside with a nice creamy dipping sauce.


Our second something extra was Hush Puppies.  These are something I always have to order if a restaurant has them.  These are crunchy outside and tender with a little kick of spice on the inside.   Very tasty.


Now for the main dishes.  So many items to choose from, of course seafood items, then chicken, sausage, and vegetarian.  Here were our choices for the evening.

JAMBALAYASpecially seasoned brown rice with chicken and spicy cajun sausage, slow cooked to perfection served with french bread.  This was very tasty, not a huge amount of spice, just a nice blend of flavors.


VEGETARIAN GUMBO Created with big chunks of okra and tomato in a thick brown roux with rice.  This had several layers of flavors, and yes, a hearty kick of spice.


CAJUN ALFREDO WITH SHRIMP (this also can be ordered with chicken) – Penne pasta in a creamy cajun style alfredo. Served with french bread.  The shrimp were huge, and nice creamy alfredo sauce.


LOBSTER BISQUERich and creamy, made with special Louisiana seafood and spices, served with french bread.  The description says it, rich and creamy, loaded with flavor.


And finally – FRIED CATFISHstrips of lightly battered Southern fried catfish. Served with fries, coleslaw and french bread.  We were told there was a special marinade for the catfish.  There certainly is something.  Light flaky catfish, with crunchy breading, my son couldn’t wait to get to his leftovers that evening after swimming.  And the fries…   crispy with a flavorful seasoning.


Finally for desert, a cajun dinner wouldn’t be complete without Beignets.


The above area should have been filled with a picture of warm beautiful pastry covered in powdered sugar.  Although, when the plate hit the table, the thought of pictures completely escaped my mind. They looked so good, warm and fresh, we all just grabbed them up and enjoyed.

The Lost Cajun has nine open locations and three opening soon as of September 2016.  I highly recommend if you are near any of them to check them out.  Great service and food.

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