Weekly Food Fun – March 14th – Cheese Smiles

Happy Weekly Food Fun to you!

I started the week with a pasta craving.

I had some leftover smoked chicken to use up… so a make up meal.  Chicken patty over pasta with spaghetti sauce.  All covered with a yummy coating of mozzarella and parmesan cheese.  I made up the chicken patty like a salmon patty.  Chopped up the chicken, added herbs, egg and bread crumbs.  Made them into a patty, fried up in the skillet, then put patty’s over the cooked pasta and sauce, covered in cheese and baked at 300 degrees until the cheese was melted.  The review from my husband was it was interesting, but good.

3036 chicken patty
Next up a fun new treat from Alison’s Pantry. Bacon wrapped pork filet, item #9207. A side of asparagus, because, well, it is that time of year and I am completely obsessed with eating as much of it as I can, even for breakfast.
So, I love cheese, if you are new or haven’t figured that out yet. I found a new potato recipe this week. Why have I never thought of cheesy mashed potatoes I have no idea. I am thankful Sarah from The Magical Slow Cooker did. They turned out really good and a wonderful side for the pork. Recipe here.

3106 bacon wrap pork

Beef Roast is always a good choice. I got a new cast iron dutch oven this week and there was no better way to initiate it than to cook a roast in it. I seared the veggies in grape seed oil, then seared the roast. De-glazed the pan with chicken stock, since I was out of beef broth. Added in the veggies and the roast and baked in the oven at 300 degrees until cooked. It turned out well done, yet still tender. I like mine a litter more rare, although my husband and son like it more well done.
Seared veggies and roast, added potatoes, ready to go into the oven.

3006 roast

The finished product with potatoes, green beans and roast over roasted onion.

3026 roast
The time change always gets to me. So the day want by, and I never got my bread started. So herbed biscuits it was. I added basil, oregano, parmesan cheese to a basic drop biscuit recipe. Cooked in the oven and they turned out tasty with crispy edges.

3160 biscuits

The biscuits went great with the chicken broccoli cheese I cooked in the crock pot.

3177 cheese, gateway to smiles

Always enjoy the fun of food!

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