Weekly Food Fun & Recipe Finds – May 9th

Happy Weekly Food Fun to You!

Mothers Day Meal, I wanted a treat, so I got some New York Strip steak, now I know why I haven’t purchased it in years.  It was more expensive than I remember.  But, I had been thinking of it all day and really wanted a good steak.  We had a cold rainy Mothers Day but nothing was going to stop me from grilling it.  Happily it turned out really good.

The sides –
Creamed Spinach by Patrick and Gina Neely

The start on the stove, then I put in a smaller cast iron pot to keep it warm on the grill.  It got some nice crisp on the edges, a pleasant twist on the recipe.

5667 creamed spinach

Sausage and Spinach Stuffed Portobello Mushroom.  I just used the creamed spinach mix, added sausage and some more cheese.  Put it in my mini cast iron skillet on the grill for about an hour.  The temp on the grill was low that is why it cooked for so long. At the end topped with fresh parmesan cheese.

5679 mushroom spinach

Baked Potato–  My secret, well lard.  I poke holes in the potato, coat the potato in lard, then sprinkle with garlic powder and kosher salt.  Then roll the aluminum foil up, put a dot of lard on the top and close it up and put in the oven or in this case on the grill until done.  The skin has such great flavor, then creamy soft potato inside.

5671 baked potato prep 5674 baked potato prep

The finished meal, after a very relaxing day, cooking a little here and a little there.

5686 mothers day meal

Then there are the morning leftovers.  Warmed up the steak, fried eggs and fried smashed tater tots topped with cheddar cheese.  Wonderful way to start the day.

5694 steak and eggs

One Pot Chicken Breasts in Chinese Brown Sauce by SkinnyMs.

I did alter this a little bit since I was busy in the yard and wanted food ready at the end of the day without taking up much time.  I put the chicken breasts in the crock pot with stock, pepper and garlic.  I let it cook on low through the day.  Then the last hour I added the soy sauce and honey mixture.  Served it up with fried rice and vegetables.  The one pot recipe is still as easy, although I was happy with the crock pot doing the work for me while I worked on other things.

5705 sweet soy chicken

Do you have a spiralizer?  This link to one on amazon is on my wish list of kitchen gadgets.  I got my Mom one for Mother’s Day.  Now, I am looking up fun recipes for her and for all of us that may be getting one soon or already have one.  I have only seen basic recipes with zucchini, now that I have been looking around there are so many options.  Here are some I have found this week.

Spiralized Beet and Butternut Squash Noodles with Parsley Pesto – by Rachel Johnson

Carrot Ribbon Salad with Lavender-Ricotta Dressing – by Robin Bashinsky

Zucchini Noodles Tossed in a Cilantro-Avocado Pesto – by Rebecca Longshore

Parsnip Ribbons with Miso Vinaigrette – by Deb Wise

Then to shrimp, our Anniversary is coming up and seafood is our family favorite so hunting up some good recipes.

Savory Shrimp with Fresh Herbs – by SkinnyMs.

Always enjoy the fun of food.

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