Weekly Food Fun

Welcome to my weekly food fun!

Fall weather has brought some cozy food for the week.   Some fresh crunchy artisan bread.  A smoked trout dinner thanks to my husband catching the fish. Very thankful since I didn’t even get a bite.  And a Birthday takeout dinner.  Yes, I love to cook, it is always an adventure, although sometimes I like to enjoy in a food adventure someone else has created.

My Food Fun Finale for the Week – Smoked Trout

What to do with leftover smoked trout?
Well, make a tasty birthday breakfast for myself.

smoked trout, cheese grits, fried eggs

Smoked trout leftovers, cheese grits, sauteed mushrooms and a fried egg with a side of bacon and fresh tomatoes and herbs from the garden.

Takeout – Enjoying the adventure in food of another – Sushi

My birthday dinner, enjoying the food adventure of another.  Sushi is a beautiful work of art.  To those that haven’t tried sushi, the thought is that it is all raw ingredients.  True, there are many raw options, although the ones I enjoy are cooked or smoked.  I do not enjoy raw fish.  So tonight we picked out two from our local restaurant, Ninja.  The top of the picture is XO Roll, Eel & avocado wrapped in a soy paper & tempura fried with eel sauce and crunchies on top.  The bottom roll is NY NY, Unagi, smoked salmon, cream cheese tempura fried then topped with an eel mayo sauce.  This has a slight spice to it which is perfect.

Ninja, XO roll & NY NY roll

Enjoy the fun of food!


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