Weekly Food Fun!

Happy Food Fun!

I am still struggling through back pain, although it is getting better each day.  The beginning of the week when I was at my worst it was crock pot easiness; spaghetti, tortilla bake. Those are my favorite easy go to meals, and luckily my family will be happy to eat them every week.

Toward the end of the week when I was feeling better I was able to jump into some fun new meals and a tomato skin experiment.

For my first time at trying this, not to bad.  Although, the finished product looks like fish food, which my son says I can no longer say anymore.   The recommendation is to put the dried skins in a coffee grinder, of which I do not have, I think that would grind them onto a finer powder.  As I have made them, they have good flavor on food, although a little bit of a chewy texture.

Grilled Stuffed Peppers, well a fun try, it tasted good, but the recipe did not go as planned.  I started out planning to make chile rellenos, the peppers are stuffed with cheese.  Since my son liked the last time I stuffed peppers with a beef and cheese mix I tried to combine the two recipes.  I roasted the peppers, oh so pretty, the pealing part, not so pretty.  I think we picked them a little to late, so the pealing was pretty bad.  Since there was no way to truly stuff them I used a pepper for the bottom, dredged in egg then to a flower cornmeal mix, layered with beef/cheese mixture.  Then, dredged another pepper the same way and put it on top to fry.  They were not pretty, although they tasted really good.

Since my husband will not eat peppers, spicy or not, I made a side dish of meatballs with fresh tomato sauce.  I needed the tomato sauce for the peppers, and perfect for the meatballs.  Also, a catch all if the peppers didn’t turn out.  Hard to mess up on meatballs, tomato sauce, and a bunch of cheese.

Meatballs in fresh tomato sauce with cheese

 Enjoy the fun of food!

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