Weekly Food Fun

Happy Food Fun!

The final round of pumpkins brought a skillet full of seeds.  There are so many recipes out there for pumpkin seeds with all sorts of flavors to add.  We always just enjoy the basic olive oil and salt.  I baked them in my large cast iron skillet this year they turned out nice and crispy good. So for me, no more baking on a cookie sheet they will go in the cast iron.

Pumpkin Seeds

The week of food was pretty basic with a new recipe for Broccoli Cheese Soup from Skinny Ms. It turned out really good.  I did add some shredded carrot and about a tablespoon of fresh pumpkin purée, and a little more cheese, I can’t help but add more cheese.


Amazingly enough it is November, the year has gone by way to fast.  Now becomes my crazy obsessed food time.  I know it may seem like I couldn’t get more obsessed with food.  Oh, just wait and see…  tomorrow I start digging through my recipes and getting the grocery lists in line.  I truly love it.  I have processed apples, pumpkin ready for fresh Thanksgiving pies.  And, I finally, proudly have pie crust shields.  I normally fight with foil twisted and turned all over the crust to protect it.
Whoohoo!  I really need to make a pie, just to test them you know….not for enjoyment.

Enjoy the Fun of Food!

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